Mother’s Day 2016


My Mother’s Day actually started on Saturday afternoon when I arrived home – Miss Lizzy, too excited, blurted out “Mummy, I picked you a card with a bunny rabbit on it and we bought you a book” So, I opened my card and presents yesterday while Miss Lizzy sang happy birthday to me – close enough.

Little Roo decided that last night was not a night for sleeping and bestowed upon me the gift of just 3 hours sleep in my bed.

This morning both girls were up even earlier than usual at 6am sharp. I could pretend that this was because they could not wait to give me an early morning Mother’s Day hug but it is more likely that they were excited to see their Nannie (Mrs Don) who had stayed the night at our house and who has fun videos to watch on her phone. So, at 6.05am I lay in our spare bed with Miss Lizzy, Little Roo and my mother-in-law staring bleary-eyes at the screen of her phone.

The Don woke in a panic at 6.40am, knowing that he’d messed up a little by being the last one up. Making amends he made breakfast for us all. Fruit porridge for me – from which Little Roo pinched all of my fruit leaving me with just porridge.

The rest if the day we spent at my parents, with my sister and brother-in-law, doing what I do best – eating and drinking Prosecco.

Right now, I am in bed, laptop open, girls asleep, my head slightly fuzzy, reflecting on my Mother’s Day with real happiness – even the bits that weren’t textbook perfect were perfect to me because I was lucky enough to spend time celebrating with my children and with my wonderful mum. Lucky to have a day filled with so much love.

Many people don’t get to do this – those without their mum, without children who should be there, without partners or family to spoil them. To those people I raise my final glass of the day. I toast your strength and your courage and I hope that your tomorrow is brighter x

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